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Crypto x OOH

Crypto projects have been utilizing billboard advertising as a way to increase brand awareness and attract new users.

Expressing the interest in going “bigger, bolder, and global,” Elongate x PTM launched advertising in cities in the Philippines, United States, India, France, Amsterdam, and many more. The team utilized billboards, projection advertising, and wildpostings near highly populated intersections.

In Miami, the EG team launched an aerial sky advertising campaign celebrating over $1 million in donations to charitable organizations. This plane flew over South Beach and most of the city of Miami, spreading the message of #ELONGATE4CHARITY during the Bitcoin 2021 Conference.

Overall, OOH advertising has proven to be an effective way for crypto projects to increase brand awareness and reach a wider audience. By utilizing these mediums, projects are able to get their message out to a large and diverse group of people, potentially leading to greater adoption and usage of their respective crypto projects.

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