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Why OOH with Plug Talk Media?

Ideal for Out of Home Marketing

Our expertise lies in Out-of-home (OOH) advertising, which provides an opportunity for your brand to break free from the digital realm and connect with consumers in the physical world.

Some may view OOH as outdated, but the truth is, certain traditional forms of advertising never lose their appeal and continue to make a lasting impression. Examples include handwritten invitations, physical photo albums, hardcover books, stove-top espresso makers, recipe cards, board games, wall calendars, clothes brushes, fountain pens, and the classic act of picking someone up for a date in person.

What are the opportunities of outdoor advertising?

Well, outdoor advertising refers to any advertising that takes place outside of the home. For a more specific definition, the main forms of outdoor advertising include:

Highway Billboards (Digital / Static)


Premier Posters

Mobile Billboards

Digital Spectacular Billboards

And so much more!

You breathe new life into neglected spaces with artistic flair, evoking smiles and interest from all who pass by. The media takes notice of your creations and social media is flooded with posts about your campaign. Impressive!

OOH can transpire in to growth for your brand. It's the unexpected and bold advertising that people will remember and talk about.

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